An Elegant and Unique Dining Experience in Rhode Island

Set on a private sporting estate in Richmond, Rhode Island, sit two Hobbit Houses which you can reserve for a unique private dining experience. Maker’s Mark Bourbon sponsors the event, so the dinner is paired with their offerings.

I experienced this dinner with three girlfriends. After passing through the security gates to enter the Preserve, we parked at the Lodge. A driver then whisked us into the woods. Even though we had booked for four, we lucked out to get to dine in the eight-person Hobbit House. Not only is it much bigger inside, but it also has its own outdoor area, which is a huge boon.

We were then left in the care of our personal server. The dinner was five courses, each scrumptious with flavors of bourbon. We had plenty of everything, enough even to take home leftovers. We received everything on the menu, which was laid out in front of us for family-style eating. Each course was paired with bourbon or a glass of wine. For those in our party that didn’t want bourbon shots, coke was added to settle the burn.

unique dining experience in Rhode Island

The Hobbit House is well heated, so we weren’t the least bit cold during our winter visit.

Bourbon is my favorite alcohol (have you seen the bourbon ice cream in my favorite ice cream post?) Just as a refresher, bourbon is American-made whiskey whose mash must have been at least 51 percent corn and was distilled in charred new oak barrels. I love it because of its sweet, generally vanilla-like flavor. But if you don’t like bourbon, this experience is still worth having. Two of my friends didn’t and didn’t regret spending the money for the night. And the night is quite expensive.

The Hobbit House is yours for the whole evening, and we enjoyed every second of ours. After dinner, we took a coffee or hot chocolate out to our personal firepit, where we roasted s’mores, watched the stars and laughed. My husband, who served as our designated driver, joined us by the fire ending a perfect Rhode Island winter night.

Visit The Preserve Sporting Club’s Website to book your Rhode Island dining experience.

Read on to see what you should expect with the Maker's Mark Bourbon Hobbit House Dinner in Rhode Island, USA. #rhodeislandfoodie #RI #restaurants @the-preserve-at-boulder-hills

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6 thoughts on “An Elegant and Unique Dining Experience in Rhode Island”

  1. Loved this article as I am a huge Hobbit fan. I have seen all the Lord of the Rings movies numerous times. I have to catch up on the Hobbit Trilogu DVD’s now. How much would this cost per person.

  2. This is a really nice review. It got me really excited….. That is until I did a little research. Dining in a hobbit house along with my husband’s favorite drink sounded like the perfect father’s day gift for my Lord of the Rings loving husband. However at over $1100 for only 2 hours…. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT…..2 hours. How anyone could justify asking people to spend that much money. If they told me that we would have four or five hours to enjoy dinner, drinks and a dessert I would have had no problem. This article talks about being able to enjoy s’mores outside. I called today (4/15/21) and the woman on the phone said they could set something up but it did not sound like it was something included. While this place sounds like the perfect and unique place to experience with friends, 2 hours is by no means adequate time to enjoy fully, especially knowing how much you are spending.

    • When we went we arrived at 6 and they allowed us to stay until 9:30. We had the house for the night. And they definitely gave us s’mores. I wonder if the woman on the phone was confused. We also had a party of four which helped with the cost, but the house was cheaper that for us.

  3. The taste of Maker’s Mark Bourbon is marvelous. It’s sweet and smooth. I have tried this and this drink didn’t disappoint me. There are so many drinks in this price range but I especially like this one.


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