What is the Best Lobster Roll in Rhode Island

Perry’s served the first lobster roll in Milford, Connecticut, in the 1920s. The rolls then spread throughout New England, including right next door in Rhode Island. My little state has many great lobster rolls to choose from. There are many variations, but a lobster roll must have lobster meat on a roll, often a hot dog roll. The roll can be served cold,  toasted, or brushed with butter. The meat can also be hot or cold, slathered in butter, or mixed with mayonnaise. Which way do you prefer your lobster roll? I must admit I love a lobster roll in all its forms. Certain ones stand out to me as the best lobster roll in Rhode Island, and I wanted to share them with my readers. If you have had Rhode Island lobster rolls, do you agree with my choices?

Easton’s Beach Snack Bar

175 Memorial Blvd, Newport

cheapest good lobster rolls in Rhode Island

These lobster rolls top many Rhode Islanders’ list of best lobster rolls. This is truly a beach snack bar with all the normal offerings, but they also offer fairly inexpensive lobster rolls stuffed with meat! They offer both types of lobster rolls, so this is a great place to test out which kind you love the most. These twin rolls are only $18.95 and served with fries. Another plus is that you can eat at their tables or walk out onto First Beach to enjoy your meal. If you visit in season, you will need to pay for parking, but I often get these rolls in shoulder season to not deal with the crowds.

Nomi Park

151 Admiral Kalbfus Rd

best ri lobster roll

I am a big fan of food with different textures but actually don’t usually like fish eggs. However, the lobster roll at Nomi Park in the Wayfinder Hotel is my favorite in the state. There is no water view, but the lobster roll is more than worth the visit, and the Mad Men vibe will transport you to a different time. A toasted bun, mounds of lobster meat, fried shallots, and trout roe– this is an extraordinary lobster roll. And at Nomi Park, you can enjoy an adult beverage with your roll.

Monahan’s Clam Shack

190 Ocean Rd, Narragansett

Set on the water near Narragansett Town Beach, Monahans offers both types of lobster rolls as well. Be sure to get their New England clam chowder and clam cakes to complete your meal. And they have ice cream for after dinner or lunch. Expect long lines for this Narragansett favorite. The lobster roll is served without fries.

Matunuck Oyster Bar

629 Succotash Rd, South Kingstown

Best lobster roll Rhode Island

Matunuck Oyster Bar is one of my favorite Rhode Island restaurants. This upscale restaurant set on the oyster-producing waters of Potter Pond excels in everything they serve, sourcing most ingredients locally.  I like to get a side salad with my lobster roll, which is lightly dressed with mayonnaise and celery sitting atop a split-top buttery, toasted roll.

Do you agree with my favorites? Where in Rhode Island do you think has the best lobster roll? If you think it’s your restaurant, I would be happy to come to take your challenge to see if you can be added to this list.

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6 thoughts on “What is the Best Lobster Roll in Rhode Island”

  1. As seafood lovers, we are always on the lookout for great recommendations. And we would love to do a taste testing and check out these lobster rolls on Rhode Island. I too love a lobster Roll in any form. All tasty reasons to plan a visit to Rhode Island.

  2. This would be a seafood lovers dream trip! It reminds me of east coast provinces in Canada where they offer lobster rolls almost on every menu. They certainly look appetizing, but as a vegetarian that’s as far as I would go!

  3. I’ve never had a lobster roll, but if I was going to try one then it has to be in Rhode Island. I’m like you and not a big fan of the texture of fish eggs, so if I order that lobster roll I’ll just ask to have it without it 🙂

  4. You are speaking my language with this guide to lobster rolls. They are one of my faves and I would definitely seek these ones out. In Australia they are often called bug rolls because we use Moreton Bay Bug, a type of lobster, as the meat. Equally delicious to lobster, it makes an awesome roll too.


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