14 Fabulous Spots to Watch the Sunset in Rhode Island

With over 300 miles of coastline and many small islands, Rhode Island has many opportunities to view spectacular sunsets. Viewing Rhode Island sunsets is a chance to relax and take in Rhode Island’s beauty. Enjoy some of my favorite Rhode Island sunsets.

The Best Places to See the Sunset in Rhode Island

Best Places to See the Sunset in Jamestown, RI

Beavertail State Park

Best Sunset Spots in Jamestown RI

Beavertail lies on the southern point of Jamestown. The rocky coastline and Beavertail Lighthouse enhance any photos. Read on for more information about Beavertail. 

Jamestown Harbor

Sunset from Jamestown

After watching a sunset onto the Newport Bridge in Jamestown Harbor, you can head up the road for dinner at the supercute treehouse in Simpatico.

Across the Street from Zeek’s Creek Bait and Tackle, Jamestown

Best spots in Rhode Island to see the Sunset

North Road

You will likely drive North Road to get off Jamestown from Beavertail State Park.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Westerly, RI

East Beach, Watch Hill

Beach places to see the sunset in Rhode Island

This beach is hard to reach as there isn’t public parking, but it is one of the nicest in Rhode Island. You can also access the same view from the private beach of the Ocean House Inn.

Napatree Point

Rhode Island Sunset

Napatree Point is one of my favorite places to be in the Rhode Island. If you are just wanting a short walk, you can still get a view of the Watch Hill Lighthouse. Alternatively, you can take a long walk down the sandy peninsula to see various interesting birds.

If you want to pick up a lens ball, as I used in the above photo, follow this Amazon link. I am an affiliate so will make a commission if you decide to buy.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Newport, RI

Rooftop Bar at the Vanderbilt Hotel

best sunset spots in Newport RI

The one time I have been here, the service was not very good, but you definitely can’t beat the view overlooking the Newport Bridge and the town.

Long Wharf

sunset in Newport Rhode Island

The corner of America’s Cup and Long Wharf is both a beautiful place to start a stroll along Newport Harbor and the perfect place to get sunset photos involving boats.

Bowen’s Wharf

Best sunset spots in Newport, RI

This area is a perfect spot to eat and shop and enjoy the sunset.

Van Zandt Pier, Newport

Best sunsets in Newport, Rhode Island

This pier faces the Newport Bridge, providing an unusual Rhode Island sunset view, including one of Rhode Island’s iconic landmarks.

Best Spots to Watch a Sunset in Warwick, RI

Salter Memorial Grove Park, Warwick

Best Sunset Spots in Warwick

I took this picture from the shore of the park. If you continue onto the trail, this walk is on my list of best nature walks in Rhode Island. Be sure to walk out onto the jetty for a different view.

Oakland Beach, Warwick

best sunsets in Rhode Island

Grab some chowder and clam cakes at Iggy’s, then sit down and enjoy the sunset at this busy beach in Warwick. Read more about spending time at Oakland Beach.

The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Great Island, Narragansett

Narragansett overlooking Great Island

Walk along the Galilee Escape Road to get a picture of the sunset over Great Island in Narragansett.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in North Kingstown, RI

North Kingstown Town Beach

best sunset spots in Rhode Island

Although it faces east rather than west, the colors off of North Kingstown Town Beach or Wickford Village can be spectacular.

Where is your favorite spot to relax while watching Rhode Island’s sunsets?

If you time it right, you can end your Rhode Island hike, walk or bike with a great sunset view. Enjoying a sunset is one of the essential Rhode Island experiences.


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  1. I must admit that we love to chase great sunset views. The range of colours in the Rhode Island sunsets you showcased would make me want to spend several nights to catch more than one of these great views. I love the variety in the settings for the sunsets tool. I might even have to get a lens ball finally!


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