The Best Gardens and Flower Fields in New England

I find spending time in fields of flowers a gloriously peaceful thing, so visiting them is something that I do often. It is even more charming when the field is made of one kind of flower. I have chased flowers around the world, but there are many great fields right here around New England. Here is a list of a few of my favorites and when to see them. Flowers bloom at different times each year, so be sure to check with the farms before you visit.

Flower Chasing Around Connecticut

Buttonwood Farms Sunflowers, Griswold, Connecticut

473 Shetucket Turnpike, Griswold, CT

Sunflower fields in Connecticut

Walk through 14 acres of sunflowers while supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All proceeds from their cut flowers go to the foundation which provides experiences for children with serious conditions.

What to Expect at Buttonwood Farms

Since this event only lasts a week or so, expect huge crowds and lines. In spite of this, it is a worthwhile event to attend.

The longest line is for the train ride around the fields. I bypass the line by just walking in. Along the back fence, you can see the cows who feast on the sunflower fields at the season’s end.

The line for the on-property ice cream shop is also long- it usually takes at least an hour. But it is really good and they have sunflower ice cream!

When to Visit Buttonwood Farms

Where to see sunflowers in New England, as well as the best single flower fields to visit. #flowers #gardens #NewEnglandGardens #NewEnglandTravel
Sunflowers symbolism loyalty, happiness, and long life.

The ice cream shop is open for the summer, but the field is open for a week in July. Check their website for the exact dates.

Lavender Pond Farm, Killingworth, Connecticut

318 Roast Meat Hill Rd, Killingworth, CT

Where to see Lavender in Connecticut.

What to Expect at Lavender Pond Farm

Entrance to Lavender Pond Farm is free. There are 30 beds with many varieties of lavender, a pond, and a store with lavender products, such as soaps and lemonade. Now there is also an educational train ride and a restaurant.

When to visit Lavender Pond Farm

Read on for the best fields of flowers to visit! Where to see lavender in New England. #NewEnglandtravel #VisitNewEngland #TBIN
Lavender is associated with calmness, health, and grace.

Flowers usually bloom during June and July. Visit the Lavender Pond Farm website for specifics.

Lupines in New Hampshire

Best flowers to see in New England.
Lupines by Matthew Dailey on Flickr. Does it take much imagination to know that lupines are named after wolves?

I have not been to see the lupines in New Hampshire, but it is high on my bucket list. I want to go and chase these pink, purple and white flowers. Check out this guide for more details on how to chase lupines.

Flowers in Rhode Island

Since I live in Rhode Island and love flowers, my list of places to see flowers in Rhode Island is long enough to need its own post. Read on for my favorite gardens in Rhode Island.

Have you seen any other amazing flower fields in New England? Let me know in the comments.

Happy flower-chasing! For more information about traveling in New England check out my Local’s Guide to New England or continue exploring my New England only blog, Adventures in New England.

Looking to see some gorgeous fields of flowers? Read on for when and where to see the best flower fields in New England! #NewEnglandgardens #flowers #visitNewEngland

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