Enjoying Boston in Spring- One Day in Boston

heAn ideal way to get yourself into a spring mood, especially with New England’s fluctuating spring weather, is to use the first sunny day to visit Boston, Massachusetts, while it is dressed up for the season. Boston is always a perfect city for history and walking, but when the tulips, hydrangea, and cherry blooms add pops of colors, it is particularly spirit-lifting.

Things to Do in Boston in Spring

Trinity Church

Boston in Spring
Trinity Church in Boston, accented by yellow spring daffodils

The church was built in 1872 out of red sandstone and granite in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. It is an ornate Episcopalian church full of unique stained glass.

Touring the church is more than worth the $10 entrance fee.

It was designed to be a work of art with intricate details inside and out. Be sure to go on a Friday in May through July to hear famous organists from around the world play in this church known for its acoustics.

From the Trinity church website, “The building is dedicated: Friday morning was bright and clear, and the whole was very beautiful and spring-like.”

The church’s interior is striking, especially if you love stained glass. Throughout the church are stained glasses windows representing innovative art styling from the 19th- and early 20th centuries, most notably the south turquoise windows by John LaFarge, whose opaque layering techniques produced one of my favorite windows in the world and inspired Louis Comfort Tiffany.

High Tea at the Boston Public Library

The Map Room overlooking the Italianate Courtyard of the Boston Public Library is the perfect spot for a formal tea service on a spring day in Boston. Everything about the experience is decadent. Book your reservations or find out more here.

Boston Public Gardens

Boston Public Gardens in Bloom
The George Washington Equestrian Statue by Thomas Ball

I am a big fan of nature and am particularly drawn to green spaces in metropolitan areas. The gardens are a wonderful place to relax, take a swan boat ride on the lake, read, stroll, or take pictures in the tulip gardens. They are the first formal gardens in the United States. The gardens are a more Victorian, structured extension of the Boston Commons and the end of Boston’s Emerald Necklace. Be sure to walk by the famous Make Way for Duckling statues while you are in the park.

Take a Swan Boat Ride

What to do in Boston in Spring
This picture shows a swan boat going under the Lagoon Bridge in the Boston Public Gardens. You can see the dock on the far side of the bridge.

You can book your man-powered swan boat ride by queueing by the Lagoon Bridge at the dock. In spring, they are open 10-4, weather permitting. The cost is 3-5$ per person, and they take cash or cards.

Take a Walk in Beacon Hill

Spring Boston Walks
A Beacon Hill charming gas lamp against a brick row house in Boston, Massachusetts

Beacon Hill is right across the street from the Public Garden. Its cobblestone streets, gas lamps, antique stores, and high-end restaurants make it an adorably perfect place to visit in spring. The Federal, Greek, and Victorian architecture speak of the area’s rich history.

Adjacent to the Boston Commons, see the Massachusetts State House, the Boston Center for Jewish History, and the Black Heritage Trail, highlighting the neighborhood’s significant involvement in abolition. A walk up Charles Street will give you a great chance to check out all the boutiques and antique stores.

Dining in Boston

Rosemary, Fig, and Prosciutto Pizza at Todd English’s Figs

After all that walking, you will be ready for dinner. There are many great dining options, but here are some recommendations for dinner in the area.

Todd English’s Figs

75 Chestnut Hill

We often head to the North End for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Strega.

For dessert and coffee,  I recommend skipping the long lines at Mike’s and Modern for even better offerings at Cafe Vittoria.

Literary Inspiration: The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant. Read more about this book and other Books that Inspire Travel.

If you are planning to visit overnight, The Omni Parker House and Boston Park Plaza are close to Boston Commons.

If you drive into Boston, a trip down Storough Drive will take you along the Charles River, lined with trees and through most of Boston.

What is your favorite place in Boston in spring?

Happy reading, and enjoy your spring!

Read more about Boston and my One Day Guide to Boston with Kids.

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5 thoughts on “Enjoying Boston in Spring- One Day in Boston”

  1. Boston is such a fabulous city and spring is a great time to visit! Reading your guide, I can see I missed some great activities, and definitely need to get back for the Boston Public Library high tea, and a Swan Boat Ride!

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, usually in the fall for some leaf peeping. Never occurred to me that it is just as beautiful in the spring! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Boston. I’m a huge architecture nerd and would love to spend hours walking around sightseeing. Maybe in the fall one day!


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