Things to Do in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Being a lover of bridges and flowers, ever since hearing that a bridge of flowers exists, seeing it has been high on my New England bucket list. And the experience was even better than I expected! Not only can you see The Bridge of Flowers, but there are also many cool things to do in Shelburne Falls, MA. Even better, I visited in peak foliage season, so the gorgeous flowers had a backdrop of colorful fall leaves.

History of Shelburne Falls, Ma

Shelburne falls is a village sitting between the towns of Buckland and Shelburne on the Deerfield River. It was initially a significant fishing spot for Native Americans. Tribes would gather to catch salmon from Salmon Falls. Later, farming became the predominant trade, bringing a railroad stop and a trolley line.

The village is now on the National Register of Historic Places for its Victorian architecture and village layout. It is an excellent example of how many New England villages looked in the 1800s.

Shelburne Falls Now

Shelburne Falls is now a vibrant art community that draws many tourists.

The village sits on the famous Mohawk Trail. The Mohawk Trail is the first scenic road in New England. It is a popular route for people looking to enjoy the Berkshires. The original Mohawk Trail gave the street its name. It was used for trading by the local native tribes.

Things to Do in Shelburne Falls

Bridge of Flowers

Beautiful gardens are planted on a retired trolley bridge by the Shelburne Falls Area Women’s Club, a group of volunteers. It sits over the Deerfield River and is right in the middle of Shelburne Falls. A background of the mountains and the village complement the gardens. The bridge is open from April 1 through October 31. Entrance to the bridge is free, but donations are appreciated.

The walk over the bridge is flat and easy, but there may be crowds.

View Salmon Falls from the Viewing Platform.

things to see around Shelburne Falls, MA

The viewing platform is just a short walk from Bridge Street. In front of a dam are beautiful cascading falls. Even more extraordinary are the glacial potholes directly below the viewing platform.

things to do in Shelburne, Massachusetts
Just one of the many glacial potholes visible around Salmon Falls

Walk Through Downtown Shelbourne Falls.

Things to do in the village of Shelburne Falls, Ma

The brick and stone buildings are stunning, and there are many stores to browse through. The town has art galleries, coffee shops, and stores, as well as a bowling alley.

Read the Mosiac Murals Scattered throughout the Area.

Mosaic Mural Deerfield River Shelburne Falls

There are 12 murals around the area, including two large ones in the village, teaching about the area and local history. Read more about the Shelburne Falls Mosaic Murals Project. 

Grab Lunch.

Foxtown Diner

Where to eat in Shelburne Falls, MA

We asked a local for advice, and he recommended this local, no-frills dinner. I enjoyed my grilled turkey, cheese, and bacon on rye with Thousand Island dressing.


This open-air bakery with sandwiches and soups looked very popular.

Catch a View. (Otherwise known as Take a Hike.)

High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary

Hikes around Shelburne, Massachusetts

I am a sucker for a view and an area for birding, so I headed up to the local Audobhan area. High Ledges a short, flat hike, which ends in a stunning view of Shelburne Falls and the Deerfield River.

It was confusing to get to the parking lot and figure out the trail to take to the overview, so I will help you out.

hikes around Shelburne Falls, MA
The view of Deerfield Valley from High Ledges

The parking lot is not well-marked but is an opening in a stone wall on the left side of Patten Road (coming from Shelburne Falls), at the mountain’s peak. If you start going back down the mountain, you went too far. GPS did a good job getting us in the right area, just not to the precise spot. There are two parking lots, and we were fortunate to park in the closest lot.

Once you start your hike, stay to your left as the trail splits. You will go through three gates. The last veer (less than 1.2 a mile)  to the left will bring you to the lookout of the Deerfield River Valley and Mount Greylock. Quite a reward for a pretty easy hike!

Because this is an Audobhan area, dogs are not allowed.

Check out their website for all the trails in this wildlife sanctuary.

Hike to the Top of Mount Massaemett.

If you are looking for a more strenuous hike, read further about climbing to the stone fire tower above the village.

Visit a Farm

Read on for things to do around Shelburne, Massachusett in the Berkshire Mountains. #VisitMassachusetts #theberkshires

On your way into Shelburne Falls, you will notice many farms and sugar houses. We stopped at Apex Farmstand.

Visit the Trolley Museum.

I had just gotten back from touring the Rock Hill Trolley Museum in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Trolleys are such an intriguing part of old-world nostalgia that I would love to come back to tour the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum. How cute would it be to take a trolley ride around the area?

Try your Hand at Candlepin Bowling.

This form of bowling with smaller balls is a very New England activity. And in downtown Shelburne Falls, you can try it at one of the oldest bowling alleys in the country.

Parking in Shelburne Falls

Street parking in Shelburne Falls is free but limited to 2 hours. If you go to the end of Deerfield Street, there is a lot where you can park all day.

Have you been to Shelburne Falls? It is definitely one of my favorite places I have visited in New England. I can’t wait to come back in the spring to see the bridge and town in bloom! It is an ideal way to spend a New England fall day.

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20 thoughts on “Things to Do in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts”

  1. As always, your photos are amazing! I am pretty sure I could stand on the viewing platform and stare at Salmon Falls every day until the last brightly colored leaf hit the ground. Y’all have THE BEST autumn colors up in New England! <3

  2. You’re right, is there anything better than bridge and flowers! I don’t know how you tear yourself away from that viewing platform- it has such an idyllic view! You captured it beautifully.

  3. We would definitely plan a visit to see the bridge of flowers at Shelburne Falls. And that view of the falls in the fall colours is lovely. Wandering in town we would love to seek out the 12 colourful murals. Lots of fun for a day trip!

  4. I’ve never been to Shelburne Falls and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love towns that have bridges and I bet artists come here to paint bridges. The local wasn’t kidding with the no-frills dining suggestion. That looked like a sandwich I would make at home 🙂

  5. Shelburne Falls would be a great weekend getaway location. The natural views are just gorgeous, including the unique flower bridge! It would be nice to do the shorter hike and get some fresh produce from a farm stand while you’re at it.

  6. It looks absolutely beautiful there. I have never had the opportunity to go to Massachusetts before, but I have only heard great things from friends who have. I would want to visit in the fall time and visit a pumpkin patch farm like it seems like you did when there. The bridge of flowers seems like a great place to stop and see as well! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Salmon Falls looks beautiful from the platform. And you say there is a bridge of flowers nearby? 🙂
    I would also be interested in visiting that trolley museum. It would be great if the ride would be possible.

  8. The glacial potholes were fun back when you could sit on the rocks and dangle your feet in the water. Then came the fences and viewing platform. Oh well.

  9. Shelburne Falls sounds like a hidden New England gem! The Bridge of Flowers and glacial potholes are captivating highlights. This article has me eager to experience the town’s charm in person. Thanks to the author for sharing this enchanting find!

  10. Shelburne Falls seems like a hidden gem waiting to be explored! The blog perfectly captures the charm and beauty of this quaint town. The Bridge of Flowers and glacial potholes are intriguing highlights. Thanks for introducing us to such an enchanting spot in New England!

  11. Your post showcases the beauty of off-the-beaten-path destinations and inspires me to explore such places in New England. Thank you for sharing this enchanting adventure that proves there’s always something wonderful waiting to be found in small-town America!

  12. Massachusetts is a charming destination. I have high regard for the group of volunteers who thought
    of planting a beautiful garden of flowers on the retired trolley bridge. The cascading falls, alluring
    Glacial Potholes, and Candelpin bowling make Massachusetts an ideal getaway.

  13. Wow, what a fantastic guide to Shelburne Falls, MA! I’ve been looking for a new destination in New England to explore, and this post just sealed the deal for me.


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