Best Places to See Flowers in Rhode Island

For a small state, Rhode Island has many gardens and fields of flowers. Some are historical gardens, some are pick-your-own flower fields, while others are public land filled with color. Read on for my favorite spots to see flowers in Rhode Island.

Blithewold Estate

101 Ferry Rd, Bristol

Daffodils in Bristol, Rhode Island.
It was raining the day we went, but the daffodils were still beautiful! Daffodils symbolize spring.

Blithewold means “happy woodland.” This Arts and Crafts house is worth visiting any time of year, but the sprawling woodlands and gardens on the waters of the Narragansett Bay are sublime.

What to Expect at Blithewold Gardens

Unstructured fields of white and yellow daffodils bloom within an expansive wooded area directly off the house’s porch. There are also 33-acres of meandering paths with different gardens and tree groves.

When to Visit Blithewold Gardens

When to visit Blithewold's garden, some of New England's best gardens.
It is worth visiting Blithewold’s gardens in the summer when the gardens are in full bloom.

The daffodils generally bloom for a month, starting around the beginning of April. Blithewold holds afternoon high teas during April and May on Tuesdays through Friday. Be sure to book a tea when the daffodils are in bloom. Make your tea reservation here. Read more about my visits to Blithewold.

Hamilton Harbor Lotus Flowers

40 Web Avenue, North Kingstown

Lotus Flowers in Wickford, RI

The lotus garden is the most random of the flower fields that I have found. In 1982, the founders of the condo complex planted a lotus garden to make the property unique. Lotus Flowers are native to Asia and Australia, but the talented and industrious landscapers realized that this water diversion pond left over from 19th-century mills would support them. Once they are growing, these flowers can grow for over a thousand years. Read more about the pond’s history.

What to expect at North Kingstown’s Lotus Pond

You won’t notice the pond from the road. The only sign may be cars of the lotus seekers parked right after the entrance to the condominium complex. The pond isn’t too big, sort of an oasis in the middle of an otherwise typical street. The flowers are the most open between 9-12 in the morning. They bloom around July. The garden is not monitored, and there may be poison ivy. Please be respectful and don’t harm or pick the flowers so this jewel may be enjoyed for generations to come.

Wicked Tulips Flower Farms

1 Arnold Pl, Exeter

Red Tulips in Johnston, Rhode Island

With 5 acres of tulips, this is New England’s largest tulip farm set on a lake in the farmland of Johnston.

What to Expect at Wicked Tulips

There are two fields of many rows of tulips– a show field and a picking field. Entrance routinely sells out, so expect crowds. They love you to share and take pictures, but you need to be patient to get one without people in it. There are picnic tables on which to enjoy lunch. You are allowed to pick from the picking field and pay per stem on your way out. They have a wrapping station and sell vases.

Best gardens on the east coast, New England

When to Visit Wicked Tulips

Wicked Tulips opens when the tulips bloom, usually around the end of April or the beginning of May, and close when they are done blooming or all the flowers are picked. Join their newsletter to get notified when they open. I highly suggest buying tickets before you go. They are often sold-out weeks in advance. It is less crowded during the week.

Dame Farm and Orchards

91B Brown Ave, Johnston

pick your our flower bouquet in Rhode Island

Dame Farm is one of my favorite spots to spend time in Rhode Island. Depending on the season, they have flower fields, an apple and peach orchard, incredible apple cider donuts, and blueberry picking.

What to Expect When Visiting the Gardens on Dame Farm

flowers in Rhode Island

Up by the blueberry fields in a moderately-sized sunflower field containing many sunflower varieties.

When to Visit Dame Farm to See Flowers

pick your own flowers in johnston ri

In June and July, sunflowers are in bloom. Later in summer, they have a smaller, dark variety still in bloom, as seen below. All through the summer, the flower fields have many different types of flowers, including zinnias, dahlias, snapdragons, sunflowers, gomphrena, stock, eucalyptus, lilies, and lavender. For just a little over $20, you will get a glass jar and the freedom to fill it with flowers from the fields. If you simply want to go to take pictures, you can pay a $7 fee.

sunflower fields in Rhode Island

Lewis Peony Farm

Where to find foxglove in Rhode Island

These three-acre gardens are on the farmhouse property of the farm’s owners. Peonies are full multi-petaled flowers that come in many color varieties.

What to expect at Lewis Peony Farm

Throughout the gardens are different varieties of peonies as well as stone gardens with foxglove. Although there is no entrance fee, it is customary to buy stems.

flowers in Rhode Island

When to Visit Lewis Peony Farm

Peonies are early summer flowers. Visit the farm’s Facebook page for current bloom information.

Where are you going to pick flowers in Rhode Island this year? Which are your favorite farms and flowers? Please let me know in the comments.

Continue reading for more flower fields in New England…

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  1. Lovely flowers! As a resident of Amsterdam I am atomaticaly drawn to the tulips, such a pretty flower! Love to see all your stunning photography.

  2. How can you not love this post, filled with so many pretty flowers. I love visiting Botanical gardens, as they have carefully planned flowers to bloom at certain times, to keep you from coming back. And, they make great subjects for photography!

  3. Rhode Island sure has beautiful gardens. I think the climate helps a lot so flowers are blooming like crazy in the summertime. And your pictures represent the beauty of them.


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