A Bike Ride Along Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island

Riding bikes is one of my favorite active pastimes. And Newport, in Rhode Island, is one of my favorite spots to be. It is the perfect blend of colonial history and natural beauty. Although I prefer my bike rides to be on paths, I decided to take a bike ride to enjoy Newport’s natural beauty. I ended up taking a ride starting and ending at Fort Adams. There are more hills than in most of my best bike rides in Rhode Island, but this ride by Newport’s farms, mansion, and water was a lovely change from groomed paths. Enjoy this 7-mile Newport, RI bike ride around an old fort, by farms, mansions, the ocean, and through two state parks. It is an ideal way to spend a day in Newport.

Start at the Fort Adams Parking Lot.

If you have a whole day to spend in Newport, consider starting by taking a tour of Fort Adams. You can check out the story of my first visit to the fort built in 1824 and the largest fort on the east coast of the US. It is named after President John Adams, who authorized it to be built., although that happened later.

The fort is perched on Brenton Point, jutting out into Newport Bay, so it has unbeatable views. It was the perfect spot to protect the entrance to the harbor. The Fort Adams Bay Walk goes around the fort along the water. You will be riding it for part of this ride. Exit the parking lot by the road you entered in on-Fort Adams Drive. This is one of the hilliest parts of the ride. Go all the way up the hill until you reach Harrison Avenue and turn right.

Newport RI bike rides

Hammersmith Farm

While biking down Harrison Avenue, notice the farm at number 225. After their wedding at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in downtown Newport, JFK and Jackie had their reception here at her childhood home. The couple summered here through JFK’s short presidency. This property is no longer open to the public.

Turn right onto Ridge Road.

At the end of the road, turn right onto Castle Hill Road, then Ocean Drive heading towards Castle Hill Inn.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

Deviate towards Castle Hill Inn to check out the lighthouse. Lock up your bike at the marina parking lot on the right and walk up the quarter-mile dirt trail to the lighthouse. This granite lighthouse was built in 1898 and is still a working navigational aid.

Have lunch on the lawn at Castle Hill Inn.

The Lawn at Castle Hill

The gorgeous Victorian Agassiz Mansion is the center of the inn’s 40-acre property on a peninsula. It has spectacular views of Jamestown and the Newport Bridge. It also has some of the best food in Newport. Dinners inside are the priciest in town, but the experience of eating on the lawn affords the views with a more modest (although not inexpensive) price tag. Think lobster rolls on china, always very good. Although you don’t have to be dressed up for this stop, you also need to look decent.

Ride back out to the street you turned into Castle Hill from and turn right onto Ocean Drive.

Brenton Point State Park

best Rhode Island sunsets
The view of Beavertail Lighthouse from Brenton Point State Park

Fort Adams actually sits on Brenton Point, but this state park lies on Ocean Drive, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Narragansett Bay. The park was originally an estate, but the mansion has since been demolished. The former servant’s quarters now house the visitor’s center. It is the perfect place to stop to hike, fish, fly a kite, or simply enjoy the views. Be sure to climb up the old stone tower and explore the decaying outbuildings that are still standing, as well as the remaining military relics.

Surfing seagulls at Brenton State Park, Newport, RI

When you are done at Brenton State Park, continue along Ocean Drive.

Because we are taking a 7-mile ride, we will return to Fort Adams by turning left onto Harrison Avenue. If you are up for a longer ride, continue up Ocean Avenue passing most of Newport’s famous mansions.

Turn left onto Fort Adams Drive.

Take this time to explore the grounds of Fort Adams.

Least Sandpiper on Ocean Drive, Newport

Turn left on Lincoln Drive.

On your right at the top of the hill is the Eisenhower House, an 1873 mansion that served as the summer white house for President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The road will loop you around to follow the shore back to the fort, where you can pack up your bikes after your ride around historical and natural Newport.

If you aren’t a biker, consider driving this route. It would be an excellent way to spend a day in Newport. It would be easier to add a mansion tour and a waterfront walk on the Cliff Walk by the mansions.

Enjoy your day in Newport!

Experience the history and natural beauty of Newport, Rhode Island with a 7-mile bike ride along the coast. #NewportRI #VisitNewport #bikerides #eastcoastbikeride


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11 thoughts on “A Bike Ride Along Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island”

  1. I would love to see more of New England, being from “old” England I always find this area of the states really fascinating and of course, everywhere has the same names as back home!! This looks like a lovely bike ride and the scenery is typical of the area and why it’s so lovely.

  2. We do like to bike when we visited new spots. Often we rent bikes when we arrive. But a spot like this with more hills I might wish I had my eBike with me! And then I could continue on Ocean Avenue and see Newport’s famous mansions. I love the variety of sights on this bike tour. And that there were lots of spots to stop for views.

  3. What an amazing place to take a bike ride in Rhode Island. Of course Fort Adams is great but the Castle Hill Lighthouse would definitely be a highlight for me. Seeing all the birds and the beautiful coastline would be great but Darcee would love to know that JFK and Jackie partied it up there too!

  4. Newport is beautiful and what a perfect cycling route! I’d for sure love to do the tour of Fort Adams and I’m drooling just thinking about those lobster rolls. Also, who can say no to dining with a view!? I can totally see why Newport is a favorite for you!

  5. Hi, I am wondering what the traffic is like along the route you have mapped out? Are there a lot of cars? Is there a bike lane?

  6. We will be in Newport, rhode Island on October 1st. we are cruising with Norwegian. Is it possible to bike there and how far is it from the place where we tender? A reply would be appreciated. Also a cost for rental and do you have electric bikes?

    • The cruise ship will drop you off close the action. More people walk around that area than bike ride. You can rent a bike around there and ride out to Fort Adams, about 4 miles each way. Ocean Drive is farther. Check out rentals to see if they offer electric bikes. Enjoy your visit at that beautiful time of the year.


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