The Best Bike Trails on Cape Cod

Bike riding is the perfect way to take in the sights and natural beauty on Cape Cod. The star of Cape Cod is the water, so my favorite bike trails on Cape Cod run alongside it. I have written whole posts about my time spent on these trails but wanted to highlight them here. I am lucky to live less than two hours from Cape Cod, and my brother and his kids live on Cape. We all love to ride bikes, so ride these trails often.

Cape Cod Canal Trail

the best bike paths on Cape Cod, Massacbusetts
On the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path, you will ride by the Bourne Bridge (pictured), Sagamore Bridge, and the Cape Cod Railroad Bridge.

If you love bridges and water, you will love this trail. It is also the most convenient trail if you are coming from off-Cape.

How Long is the Cape Cod Canal Trail?

This 7-mile trail (one way) runs most of the length of the Cape Cod Canal, the manmade waterway separating the Peninsula of Cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts.

How Difficult is the Cape Cod Canal Trail?

This paved trail is very easy and perfect for families.

Visit the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path if you want…

a comfortable family bike ride with pretty water and bridge views convenient to mainland Massachusetts.

For more complete information for this bike trail, visit the Cape Cod Bike Trail.

The Shining Sea Bike Path

Cape Cod Bike Trails

The Shining Sea Bike path is the only Cape Cod Bike Path that runs along the ocean. It runs through the town of Falmouth, passing through many of its villages. It offers views of the many biospheres of Cape Cod- historic farms, marshes, ponds, cranberry farms, and the Atlantic Ocean offering views of Martha’s Vineyard.

How Long is the Shining Sea Bikeway?

The paved, mainly flat trail is about a 22-mile round trip.

How Difficult is the Shining Sea Bikeway?

Although it is a long bike ride, the actual path is easy. There are a lot of chances to stop and do side adventures.

Visit the Shining Sea Bikeway if you want…

to experience the best of Cape Cod through a bike ride on the Upper Cape. It is the perfect way to spend a whole day riding and exploring.

Read on for more about the Shining Sea Bikeway. 

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8 thoughts on “The Best Bike Trails on Cape Cod”

  1. A long bike ride is a great idea in order to explore a new area. I like bike rides on the easy, flat paths, otherwise I struggle… What I great way to see the historic farms and marshes of Martha’s Vineyard!

  2. I love biking! As a resident of Amsterdam I have grown to have a whole new respect and appreciation for getting aorund via bike. This bike route looks lovely! I love that it crosses some water giving a whole new senice view!

    • This is definitely more tranquil than biking in Amsterdam. I was a little too overwhelmed with the bike traffic to try to ride when I visited.

  3. We have never been to New England, but have heard that autumn is quite beautiful there. The Shining Sea Bike Path looks like a dream. And since the path is easy, we would definitely want to choose that one for cycling.

  4. We have never been to Cape Cod. I thought of visiting for beaches and quaint towns. But great to know there are good bike trails there too. It is lovely to have different paths and great scenery along the way. A great way to enjoy the outdoors!

  5. Wow, I never would’ve expected the waters to be this blue so far north! The “Shining Sea Bikeway” really is a fitting name! I haven’t been to MA in a number of years and have only been to Boston and Amherst, so Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard are on my travel wish list for next time!

  6. I very much enjoy biking, I think it’s a great way to experience a new place. This looks and sounds like a wonderful scenic biking route in this area of New England.


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